Formatting Footnotes in Google Docs with Dr Paper Software
To format your footnotes, have your paper open in Google Docs, and your datafile open in Dr Paper's Citation app. Locate the work you want to cite, and then check to make sure that the Preview box is set to Turabian Footnotes.


In Citation, click the "Copy" button on the Preview box.
You are ready to enter bibliographic data


Go to Google Docs. In your document, place your cursor to place the Footnote, and click Insert, Footnote.
Insert footnote in your document


When you click Paste (or Ctrl+v), the formatted footnote reference will be placed in the footnote.
Insert footnote in your document

Dr Paper Software works with Word to help you create APA formatted documents and references easily and correctly.

Dr Paper takes care of formatting details (margins, cover pages, page numbers, section headings, etc.) so you can concentrate on your writing.

Use your brain and time for writing.
Let Dr Paper do the formatting.

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