APA Version 6

APA 5th Edition samples

  1. Article in a scholarly journal, one author.
  2. Article in a journal by two authors, every issue begins with page 1.
  3. When the work cited was written by more than one author.
  4. No author listed.
  5. Article in a journal, in press.
  6. Article in a popular periodical (magazine).
  7. Article in a newspaper, staff writer (unsigned).
  8. Article in a newspaper, signed.
  9. Letter to the editor.
  10. Abstract from a secondary source.
  11. Periodical published annually.

Books, reports, manuals, dictionaries, and other printed sources

  1. A basic book.
  2. Book, an edition other than first.
  3. Book, revised edition.
  4. An edited book.
  5. Report, group or organizational author.
  6. Multivolume work.
  7. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
  8. Encyclopedia or dictionary.
  9. Book, English translation.
  10. Chapter or section in a book.
  11. Report available from a government agency.
  12. Report from a private organization.
  13. Unpublished doctoral dissertation.

Articles published or retrieved from the web

  1. Internet article, based on a printed source.
  2. Article in a journal published on the internet.
  3. Article in an internet only newsletter.
  4. Article in a newspaper published on the internet.
  5. Special report, article in an online version of a periodical.
  6. Editorial, article in an online version of a periodical or news program.

Web pages

  1. Basic web page.
  2. Web page in a topical section of an organization's web site.
  3. Stand-alone web page, no author identified, no date, no publisher.
  4. Multipage document created by private organization, no date.
  5. Web page published as part of an online publication, no author.
  6. Chapter or section of a web site.
  7. Transcript of a news program on a web page.
  8. Document available on university program or department web site.
  9. Report from a university, available on private organization web site.
  10. US government report available on government agency web site, no publication date indicated.
  11. Report from a private organization, available on organization web site.