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The Coradella Collegiate Bookshelf is a collection of ebooks, in pdf format, and stored in a searchable database, that is convenient, affordable, incredibly useful -- and fun to search -- for students, booklovers, and researchers.

Here's what one reader had to say about the collection:

ebooks of classic literature

  • Includes the option to install the entire collection of pdf ebooks on a computer
  • Includes individual ebooks as pdf files on the CD can be copied to a PC one at a time.
  • Installs the Coradella "Bookbase" -- a searchable database of the text of the ebooks, that can be searched, for recurring images, patterns, and quotes.
  • Includes classic literary texts and historic documents that appear most frequently on required reading lists for college prepatory and undergraduate degree programs (click to see the complete list of works included).

  • Use the Coradella Bookshelf to:
    • Search for specific quotes (how many times have you spent an hour looking for the passage you want to quote in your paper? Or heard a phrase and wanted to find the original source?).
    • Discover curious (and interesting) patterns across texts. You can find out how many references are made, and in which texts, to anger, for example, or justice, -- or yellow primroses.
    • Read our screen friendly ebooks with ease: the high quality pdf format, using print-publishing grade fonts maximizes onscreen readability; Most ebooks force the reader to scroll through text, rendering onscreen reading cumbersome and likely to cause eye fatigue. Our unique two page fixed layout lets you use the Page Down key to "turn the page," and makes reading our ebooks more like reading a regular book. Click here to view our edition of Voltaire's Candide.
    • Copy quotes and excerpts to your papers (so you don't have to retype them!).
    • Print to hard copy.
    • Cite the pdf ebooks like a paper book - each pdf file includes page numbering that corresponds to printed texts.