Formatting in text cites
Intext citations, for MLA Style, are placed in the body of your paper; the citation includes the authorís last name, and, usually, a specific page reference.

To format in text cites for your paper:

  1. In your paper, put the cursor where you need an intext citation.

  2. On the CiteWrite menu, click View Preview box. CiteWrite will format an in text cite for the current entry.
  3. In CiteWrite, find the entry for the work you want to cite in your datafile. (The easiest way to do this is to use the Page Down key, but you can also click Find, and search for the author's name or the title).

  4. Click Insert on the Preview box to pop the formatted in text cite into your document.

To include the rest of your intext citations, just go to the entry for the work you want to cite, put the cursor in the right spot, and click Insert again.

If you need to include MLA Style footnotes or endnotes in your paper:

  1. Set the Preview box style to MLA Footnotes.
  2. In Word, click Insert, Reference, Footnote.
  3. In CiteWrite, click Insert on the Preview box. The formatted footnote will be written to your document.
  4. Close the Word Footnote viewer.