Note: Before beginning this exercise, make certain you have entered the keys in practice.doc.

The American Anthropological Association style requires short form Author-Date citations in the text of the document, and an alphabetized reference list.

To write citations for practice.doc in AAA Style:

  1. On the Citation menu, click Generate, Citations for document, and set the options on the dialog for AAA style:

  2. Citation will scan the open word processing document (in this exercise, practice.doc), replacing the keys with intext citations and writing a reference list for the works cited in the document:

  3. The citations are written to a copy of the original document with the keys. When the citations have been written, save the new document with a new name. For this tutorial, save the new document as practiceaaa.doc.
  4. To end the exercise, close the Generate Citations Status dialog.

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